Simply Embedding Software to Customer’s Thought

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We are committed to our clients by providing effective solutions to their critical issues that lead them to reach the future market faster than their competitor.

Software Product Development

We transform our experience by adding values to the software that help to translate customer’s thoughts into great revenue generating products.

  • Connectivity Services
  • Multimedia Services

Embedded Software for Silicons

We proudly cover complete software path from board bring up to device driver to system software for our customer’s choosed Silicons. We help to provide the talent for smart product development that transforms our energy to drive customer’s revenue.

  • Embedded Platform Engineering
  • Wireless Products
  • IOT for real world

Full DevOps Software development

We are smartly adding web richneess into customer’s embedded products. Our customer’s products are ahead by using full Dev Ops stacks.

  • Full Web enabled hardware product
  • Online Auto Monitored and auto recovered
  • Seamless connected hardware with web servers

Product Testing

We test product from the worst end user’s experience by hitting HARD on it, so that our customer’s product are always ready to face all seasons.

  • System Testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Customer’s Acceptance testing
  • Beta Testing

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